Where the POV porn takes us

Pornography means describing the prostitute in Greek. So it’s the display of sexual behavior in literature, images, sculptures, films, etc. in order to cause sexual arousal. According to one of the definitions, it’s erotic without artistic. The word pornography originally meant anything in literature and art that reflects the life of prostitutes. Since the definition of pornography is subjective, it’s almost impossible to describe its origin and development. Throughout the history of mankind, pornography has been subjected and is still subject to restrictions and prohibitions by state and church authorities. The boundary between pornographic materials that are condemned and concealed, and eroticism the acceptability of which is much broader, it usually reflects the changing moral limitations of the particular society over time. In many modern Muslim communities, pornography includes films and TV shows that don’t cause any objections in the western world. On the other hand, in ancient Greece and Rome, images of the phallus and scenes of orgies were widely distributed, although it’s unlikely that these images pursued the same goals as modern pornography. Nevertheless, pornography has a number of significant differences from eroticism. In the modern world, the issue of criteria for pornography is especially important in connection with the wide development of the porn business.

But time doesn’t stand still and the men of the modern XXX business come up with more and more new moves to keep the growing interest of the audience because porn lovers aren’t losers and constantly want to see something new. I think everybody should agree that it’s no good to jerk off to the same thing every day. It’s like fucking the same woman every day. Although, of course, someone does such things, but it’s not about them. We are talking about POV videos. It seems that first-person porn videos are shot only by amateurs, but there are a lot of professional studios that deal with such movies. After all, many men get high to watch how the penis is completely immersed in the girlfriend’s wet pussy close-up. It’s simply great to see the real pleasure caused by deep penetration. In the end, the first-person video creates such a presence effect that it seems as if you are fucking the actress who moans and sweetly screams. It can lead to sexual satisfaction at ease. Everyone comes his own way to POV porn. As we understand it, this current came to us from gonzo and not namely from porn. But the XXX industry is quickly picking up all new trends, so it was only a matter of time before gonzo porn appeared, and then POV in all its glory.

Now, POV is an ordinary thing and only a lazy person hasn’t yet come to one of these films. It’s interesting not just to imagine yourself as a porn actor, but also to see and understand firsthand what sees and feels the one who fucks the pornstar. Of course, someone will say that it’s better to go and fuck a real pussy, but this isn’t the same as making it with the world XXX model. In the future, there will be no need to fuck anyone at all because the industry is developing by leaps and bounds, so at such a pace, soon we will be able to immerse ourselves in the virtual world of sex, and of course, it will be POV. Seriously, who would like to fuck in the third person.

Just imagine, 4k POV porn and even VR are already available, and you don’t have just to watch, but participate. So what will all this lead us to? Everything is very simple, to the aforementioned virtual reality of course. What is the beauty of virtual reality? The fact is that everything is cooler there than in life, and you can do whatever you want. There are no borders and limits, you can afford everything at all. Well, kind of a dream girl if right in front of you, but you don’t need to think about dating options because it’s enough to turn on POV movie, which by the way is presented in all its glory on So, voila, the dream girl spreads legs or whatever you want from her. Therefore, gentlemen, the bright future is just around the corner and POV is our everything. Let’s be grateful to the creators of such a wonderful genre in porn because, without it, the modern life of the average man would be filled with stress and the horror of being without any hope to come home in the evening and turn on the long-awaited POV movie for adults. Some kind of dystopia, don’t you agree? We don’t need this! All we need is porn! All we want is POV! As they say: if there’s the POV porn, we will handle the rest.

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