Latest The Many Shapes and Sizes of OnlyFans Models

Latest The Many Shapes and Sizes of OnlyFans Models 1

Latest The Many Shapes and Sizes of OnlyFans Models 2

OnlyFans can be described as a site for creators that happens to allow adult content, but it’s more accurate to say that it’s a porn site with a few cooking tutorials on it. Let’s be honest here – OnlyFans is basically synonymous with homemade porn, and many people would say that the world is richer for it. With the freedom to make and market your own sexual content on this platform, regular people from all over the world have joined OnlyFans as content creators. There are the models who just do it as a hobby, and then there are the ones who’ve made it their careers. It’s making waves in every corner of the internet – sites like The Little Slush inform eager viewers about the best British OnlyFans, and authoritative news sites discuss how OnlyFans changed during the pandemic.

How the porn landscape is changing due to OnlyFans

In the midst of all this hullaballoo, there’s one aspect of OnlyFans models that many people haven’t noticed. It’s the diversity of the models, and this isn’t just about race or ethnicity – after all, every sex cam and porn site has plenty of fetish content for specific ethnicities. It’s more about people who don’t fit the cam model stereotypes getting just as much attention and money as other successful OnlyFans models.

Granted, pretty much none of these people will make it onto the “Top 10” lists that horny viewers search for when they’re looking for a new favorite OnlyFans model. But then, the same can be said for almost all OnlyFans creators, right? Discussions of successful OnlyFans models often center on the top 1% or less, because the numbers they pull look more impressive. But if you’re looking at the majority of people on OnlyFans, they have their own kinds of success stories. They may not be making millions, but they’re paying the rent – and they’re doing it by showing off physical features that don’t fit into most cam model stereotypes, or even fetish stereotypes.

The journey can start with something as simple as selling nudes

A lot of OnlyFans models get started by offering nudes, feet pics, or anything in between. Some of the content could even be more lifestyle-oriented – after all, many viewers want to feel like they know the model personally as well as sexually. As a model’s fanbase grows, however, the time may come for them to start producing more than just pictures. Even if they’d already dipped their toes into selling private content, it’s possible to go much further than posed photos.

For perspective, not all of these OnlyFans models are the typical slender 20-something-year-old women. They could be men with dad bods, or women who’ve always hoped to eventually get rid of their extra belly fat. When these types of models find success, it could be from already having fanbases in other arenas, or from garnering organic support as they discover past crushes appearing out of nowhere.

When OnlyFans models realize that it’s time to go big or go home, many of them end up quitting their regular jobs in order to pursue OnlyFans as their main source of income. And for some of them, this has paid off. Even if they can’t boast the stereotypically attractive figure that most webcam models are known for, they still have a dedicated and loyal fanbase that generate more than enough money to pay the bills. The roster of diversity includes gay bears, mothers in their 50s, plus-sized models, non-binary and transgender individuals, aging butch lesbians, and more – and their viewers seemingly can’t get enough of their content.

Why does finding success on OnlyFans seem to be so elusive for some, but so easy for others?

It’s pretty clear that there’s no magic trick to making loads of money on OnlyFans; if there were, there wouldn’t be so many models who never gain enough traction to make anything more than pocket change. For the ones that do make real money, though, there are usually several factors working in their favor.

For some, it’s their looks – you just can’t argue with that. For others, it’s the fact that they already had a following before joining OnlyFans. One model, who started off selling feet pics, was previously known for hosting “The Manwhore Podcast”. Once he started his OnlyFans modeling, he was already known and loved by people who obviously enjoyed consuming the adult content that he produced.

For others, it’s because they already know the drill, and they’ve gotten pretty good at it. Another OnlyFans model ended up making a fair amount of money selling nudes, even though it was her first time. Well, it was sort of her first time; in college, she had scammed men on Twitter for beer money by promising nudes, and then disappearing once the payment went through. She used some of the same strategies to grow her OnlyFans, but of course she also followed through with the promised content.

Does OnlyFans help cultivate self-love in its models?

For some of them, the answer is yes. The OnlyFans model with whose fanbase migrated from his podcast, for example, described himself as having a doughy midsection and fairly low self-esteem due to lifelong bullying. But what did his fans have to say about it? In a general sense, the success of his OnlyFans obviously meant that people thought he was sexy. What really made an impact, though, were the messages that people would send along with their tips. One fan informed him that they’d jerked off to his Facebook pictures when they were both in college. Another gushed about pretty much every part of his body – even the parts that he didn’t particularly love. It was pretty obvious that his viewers didn’t expect him to look a certain way; they just appreciated him for who he was.

The takeaway

Even though there’s no denying that there will always be a demand for the stereotypical cam girl types, there’s also no denying the OnlyFans offers both fans and models the chance to enjoy greater diversity on the platform.

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