Latest 4 Reasons to Try Mutual Masturbation

Latest 4 Reasons to Try Mutual Masturbation 1

Latest 4 Reasons to Try Mutual Masturbation 2

Masturbation is one of the most common things for humans, regardless of the generation. Our parents used erotic magazines, we now use porn videos on resources like HDLeaks, and our kids will probably enjoy immersive VR stuff. Masturbation is a constant in our chaotic world.

Nevertheless, it’s not discussed enough, and it’s still a taboo for overly conservative communities. Most people are used to thinking that masturbation is necessarily a solo process. If you have a partner, why won’t you simply have sex? However, mutual masturbation helps you perceive and interact with your partner on an entirely new level and brings sexual diversity to your relationship.

What is Mutual Masturbation?

Mutual masturbation is a sexual activity that implies self-pleasuring near your partner or a few partners. You can use your hands, sex toys, etc. The most important thing is to set a physical barrier between you and your partner while establishing a mental connection. Simply put, you can watch but can’t touch each other.

Reason #1 – Intimacy Boost

Masturbation in front of your partner shows your trust in them. It even feels a bit more awkward than having sex, but only for the first time. Mutual masturbation helps build trust and intimacy in your sex life.

Reason #2 – Know Your Partner

Sometimes, it’s a bit complicated to describe what movements or rhythms make you feel good. Show your partner how you please yourself – it will be excellent guidance.

Reason #3 – Break Taboo

Some people associate masturbation with shame and secrecy. Sharing masturbation sessions with your partner can help break this meaningless taboo and feel more comfortable with your partner and even alone.

Reason #4 – Safety Concerns

Sexually transmitted infections can be spread through bodily fluids (such as semen and vaginal secretions) during oral sex, anal penetration, or vaginal penetration. With mutual masturbation, there is virtually no risk of transmitting an STI to your partner.

Tips for Mutual Masturbation

Latest 4 Reasons to Try Mutual Masturbation 3

If you are a newbie in mutual masturbation, consider the following tips and recommendations.

Tip #1 – Create a proper setting

Light scented candles, put on some soft music, and make sure you have enough lube. If you plan on using sex toys or porn, keep them at hand. Setting the mood so that you and your partner feel relaxed will help get rid of any nervousness.

Tip #2 – Try different poses

Like other sexual acts, mutual masturbation is highly adaptable. You can lie on your side facing each other, or you can stand, sit, kneel – whatever makes you feel sexy.

Tip #3 – Masturbate as a prelude or finisher

Showing your partner what you can do on your own can serve as foreplay leading to the main event. Mutual masturbation can also be an easy way to reach orgasm together or relax after more physically demanding positions.

You can also use mutual masturbation to take a break if you or your partner feel overstimulated.

Tip #4 – Take it slow

If you’re having a quickie during your “me-time,” try taking it slow while playing with your partner. Savor the process and experiment with new techniques in a comfortable, intimate atmosphere. Don’t turn self-pleasing into a routine. It’s an orgasmic event on its own, truly worth savoring.

Toys for Mutual Masturbation

Spicing up your solo adventure is undoubtedly a must, but did you know that some toys are designed for couples? That’s right; these nightstand stuffers can do miracles for your intimate life. While they obviously can be used during your mutual solo play, most of them are also great for spicing up your sexy time. It’s impossible to tell what toys are best for you unless you try them, but let’s take a look at everyone’s favorites that guarantee explosive climaxes for both.

C-shaped Vibrators

Latest 4 Reasons to Try Mutual Masturbation 4

These remote-controlled vibes for couples get the highest accolades among seasoned sex toy lovers and beginners alike, and rightfully so. Buzzing against her G- and C-spots in sync and pushing her over the edge of the blended orgasm, they also send arousing vibrations up and down his shaft. It’s an ultimate orgasmic combo. Use it on nips, clit, and shaft, or treat your booty to rimming sensations – these vibes can do it all. The versatility of this type of toy is insane since it’s suitable for solo time, foreplay, and main action.
Usually covered in silky-smooth, skin-like silicone, these vibes are sure to ignite a fire deep within your core.
The best part? This toy will help her get there faster, allowing you to enjoy the elusive shared orgasm.

Wand Massagers

Latest 4 Reasons to Try Mutual Masturbation 5

Boasting a rich history, these massagers, initially advertised for relieving pain in sore neck and shoulder muscles, quickly gained immense popularity among housewives since their additional orgasmic function was discovered and enjoyed by millions of happy women.
Wand massagers boast beastly power – the original Magic Wand, for example, makes frequent cameos in squirting orgasm XXX videos since its immensely intense vibrations deliver truly leg-shaking stimulation.
Although full-sized models are not for the faint of heart, you can always go for the mini versions and enjoy the arousing throbbing touch of silky silicone on your clit or glans while your lover works their magic on your other moan-zones.

Finger-, Tongue-, and Licking vibrators

Latest 4 Reasons to Try Mutual Masturbation 6

It’s not a secret that most women love their love bead caressed the right way. Why not add some throbbing vibrations to the mix? Arm your fingers and tongue with buzzing vibes and spell the alphabet on and around her love button. It’ll push her over the edge in seconds.
By the way, tongue- and finger-worn vibes can do wonders for both – just imagine how soft buzzing bumps feel sliding up and down the shaft – he’ll explode in a flash.
And don’t forget about those naughty lickers. Their “tongues” are made of the softest silicone or TPR to give your most sensitive bits the most gentle and stimulating caress.
Lickity-lickers can be used during solo sesh and foreplay alike to play with clit, nips, and every other Ah!-zone on both of your bodies. Let your imagination run wild and dive into exciting sensations together with the help of these naughty little vibes.

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